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Animals > Pets > Dogs > Dog HealthHow to Choose Guard Dogs for Home Security
Posted by nick_niesen in Animals on November 1st Robin Yount Womens Jersey , 2010

There are various burglary alarms and home surveillance systems available, designed to help you protect your home. Although they are good in their own rights Glenn Robinson Womens Jersey , nothing compares to an old fashioned guard dog. Guard dogs have been used for generations to help people protect their homes and their belongings.

For many years, guard dogs have helped to scare off burglars and thieves. Although most have gotten used to dogs now days Paul Molitor Womens Jersey , nothing fends off a thief more than a vicious dog grabbing his ankle and clamping down. Almost all guard dogs have serious bites and can seriously injure a burglar. Guard dogs are trained to protect ones home and they will do so no matter what.

When you get a guard dog, you should always make sure that you let him know who is safe to be around your home. You dont want the dog to be vicious towards everyone Stephen Vogt Womens Jersey , as friends and family are certainly allowed to be around your home. Most guard dogs are left outside of the home, with some deciding to keep them indoors. Indoor dogs are great Ryan Braun Womens Jersey , as they will instantly catch a burglar the second he decides to break into your home.

If you plan to keep your guard dog indoors, you should always have a supply of food and water available Authentic Robin Yount Jersey , as he will be there when you arent. You will also need to give him access to an outdoor area as well, so he can use the bathroom. A fenced in yard is an ideal place for a guard dog to go outside Authentic Glenn Robinson Jersey , as he can come and go as he pleases. Sometimes, a burglar will try and sneak around the back entrance which is where giving a guard dog outside access can really come in handyBefore buying the dog Authentic Paul Molitor Jersey , you should always carefully research the species and where you plan to get your dog from. Police dogs or dogs that have been trained for protection are ideal, as they already know how to defend things. Dobermans and Pit Bulls are great for protection as well Authentic Stephen Vogt Jersey , simply because they are well known for being very vicious.

If you carefully research your options and get your guard dog from a reliable source, you shouldn聮t have much of anything to worry about. You should never get your dog from a lesser known or poor source Authentic Ryan Braun Jersey , as the dog may be poorly trained or not in good health. A guard dog can be a great addition to any home providing you get a dog in good health and more than capable to fend of burglars.


MEXICO CITY, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) -- During a flying visit to Mexico on Wednesday, U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump highlighted the need to make changes to the U.S.-Mexico border to tackle illegal immigration, weapons and drugs.

After meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto for over an hour, the U.S. tycoon said at a joint news conference that it is a shared obligation for the two countries to counter illegal border activities.

""Nobody wins, neither of the two countries would, when drug traffickers take advantage of people, when there is cartel violence, when there are illegal weapons and money flowing from one country to the other, or when Central American migrants make the dangerous journey towards Mexico or the United States without legal authorization,"" Trump said.

Trump described his first private meeting with the Mexican president as positive and called Pena Nieto ""a friend.""

Trump said the meeting allowed him to discuss with Pena Nieto some interests and necessary issues relevant to his country and the well-being of the U.S. citizens, as well as the needs of Mexico and its citizens.

To improve U.S.-Mexico relations, Trump presented five concrete points, including stemming illegal immigration, securing border, dismantling drug cartels, updating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and keeping manufacturing wealth in the Western Hemisphere.

The NAFTA between Canada, Mexico and the United States came into play in January 1994, but in Trump's opinion, it does not ""reflect the realities of today.""

""The two nations should work together for mutual benefit,"" Trump said, adding that he has ""great respect"" for Mexican-Americans and Mexicans.

Since the start of his campaign, the Republican candidate has made aggressive statements against immigrants and has called Mexicans drug traffickers, rapists and murderers.

Trump has also said the remittances from the United States to Mexico would be blocked if the Mexican government refuses to pay for a border wall estimated to cost billions of U.S. dollars if constructed.

The wall designed to separate the U.S. and Mexican territories along a 2,000-mile border was a signature campaign proposal of Trump's.

Trump's visit came as Pena Nieto extended invitation to both U.S. presidential candidates. Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton still has not confirmed if she will be travelling to Mexico.

The meeting between Pena Nieto and Trump took place a few hours ahead of the U.S. candidate's speech on immigration policy back in the United States, where Trump reiterated his hard-line rhetoric on immigration.

The United States is Mexico's main trading partner, the first destination for Mexican exports and a main contributor to foreign direct investment within the Latin American country, with bilateral trade reaching over 530 billion U.S. dollars in 2015.

Around 11.4 million people who were born in Mexico currently live in the United States, while around 1 million U.S. citizens live in Mexico.


GOP nominee Donald Trump pledges border wall amid speculation on softening immigration stance

WASHINGTON, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday reiterated his stance on building a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border amid speculation that he may soften his hard-line position on immigration in the upcoming speech on the issue.

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