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UNITED NATIONS, March 21 (Xinhua) -- A flagship UN report said on Tuesday that although the average human development improved significantly since 1990, progress is uneven, with systemic discrimination against women, indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities.

The report, launed on Tuesday, said a quarter century of impressive human development progress continues to leave many people behind, with systemic, often unmeasured, barriers to catching up. A stronger focus on those excluded and on actions to dismantle these barriers is urgently needed to ensure sustainable human development for all.

The latest Human Development Report, released annually by the UN Development Program (UNDP), said that while many people have greater access to education, health and sanitation, for example, more focus needs to be paid to who has been excluded and why.

The report found that although average human development improved significantly across all regions from 1990 to 2015, one in three people worldwide continue to live in low levels of human development, as measured by the Human Development Index.

""The world has come a long way in rolling back extreme poverty, in improving access to education, health and sanitation, and in expanding possibilities for women and girls,"" UNDP Administrator Helen Clark said as she was speaking at the report launch in Stockholm, alongside Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven and the report's lead author and director of the Human Development Report Office, Selim Jahan. ""But those gains are a prelude to the next, possibly tougher challenge, to ensure the benefits of global progress reach everyone.""

This is a concern in developed countries too, where poverty and exclusion are also a challenge, with more than 300 million people, including more than one-third of all children, living in relative poverty.

""By eliminating deep, persistent, discriminatory social norms and laws, and addressing the unequal access to political participation, which have hindered progress for so many, poverty can be eradicated and a peaceful, just, and sustainable development can be achieved for all,"" Clark said.

""Leaving no one behind needs to become the way we operate as a global community,"" said Lofven. ""In order to overcome the barriers that hamper both human development and progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, inclusiveness must guide policy choices.""

Entitled ""Human Development for Everyone,"" the report noted that one in three people worldwide continue to live at a low level of human development, as measured by the Human Development Index, essentially a ranking of countries based on strides made with a peace-centric model of progress.

According to the report, women and girls are systematically excluded by economic, political, social and cultural barriers.

""Women tend to be poorer, earn less, and have fewer opportunities in most aspects of life than men,"" according to the report.

In 100 countries, women were legally excluded from some jobs because of their gender, and in 18 countries, women needed their husband' s approval to work, the report said.

Meanwhile, the report also touched upon ""dangerous practices,"" such as female genital mutilation and forced marriage, which continue to hamper the development of women and their inclusion in society.

In addition to women and girls, the report points to ""patterns of exclusion and lack of empowerment"" of people in rural areas, indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, migrants and refugees, and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community.

The report called for far greater attention to empowering the most marginalized in society, and recognizes the importance of giving them greater voice in decision-making processes.

The report also warned that key development metrics can overstate progress when they focus on the quantity, rather than the quality, of development.

For instance, girls' enrolment in primary education has increased, but in half of 53 developing countries with data, the majority of adult women who completed four to six years of primary school are illiterate.

""Despite progress gaps, universal human development is attainable,"" said Jahan. ""Over the last decades, we have witnessed achievements in human development that were once thought impossible.""


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