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ithout lipstick on, how are you any different from a man?鈥?was written in red on packages sent out by JD Beauty, a branch of e-commerce company JD which specializes in selling skincare products and cosmetics.

Upon receiving their beauty bargains, many customers reported feeling shocked and offended.

Angry customers took photos of the delivery boxes and shared them on Chinese social media platforms, triggering widespread condemnation and criticism against the sexist message conveyed through the marketing campaign.

feel sad. Most of us are adults and have the judgement to filter this message. But what if young girls read this??another Weibo user @nulinulizainulideNatasha asked.

Amidst fierce online backlash Will Fuller V Color Rush Jersey , JD Beauty issued a public apology on Weibo yesterday.

The brand admitted that they had printed approximately 300,000 packages with the controversial slogan and mailed out 1,000, adding that they had taken measures to destroy the remaining boxes.

It also promised to offer a free beauty product as compensation to all customers who had received the questionable delivery boxes, but netizens鈥?responses were mixed.

The incident has since triggered ongoing discussion on gender roles and stereotypes in China. While some criticized gender discrimination against women at home and workplace, others voiced support for male beauty lovers who they said should also gain respect for wearing lipstick.?CGTN)

Once you’ve entered the iPhone credit card processing universe Julien Davenport Color Rush Jersey , the chances are good that you’ll never go back. When it comes to making calls, it’s simply a matter of tapping a name or number – forget having to scroll down a tiny display.

But making calls is just the tip of the iceberg. The iPhone credit card processing has SMS with a QWERTY keyboard, visual voicemail, a 2-megapixel camera that takes beautiful images, and a half million possible ringtones are all at your fingertips – literally. The iPhone credit card processing gives you all of the features of an iPod, and then some. Its widescreen display lets you listen to audiobooks or watch videos, movies D'Onta Foreman Color Rush Jersey , and television shows. You have instant access to the Internet, email, maps, and a YouTube player that launches from the home screen. The iPhone credit card processing maps feature ensures that you’ll never get lost, and myriad widgets keep you endlessly delighted. But a list of features doesn’t begin to express what’s at the heart of the iPhone credit card processing revolution. It’s gorgeous, it’s intuitive, it’s sleek Zach Cunningham Color Rush Jersey , and it’s absolutely cool.

iPhone credit card processing Portals

Best of all, when you buy an iPhone credit card processing, what you pull out of the box is just the beginning. The possibilities are virtually limitless. That’s why an increasing number of iPhone credit card processing aficionados are turning to what are, in essence, iPhone credit card processing portals – gateways to accessories, downloads, and information for this technological wonder.

The right iPhone credit card processing site will unlock a world of resources for both new owners and old-timers. In the accessories department Deshaun Watson Color Rush Jersey , you’ll be able to find leather cases, gel skins, and even books to help you get the most out of your iPhone credit card processing. You can also find tutorials and software for your device, as well as information about iPhone credit card processing repair.

Download Services

But perhaps the most useful aspect of an iPhone credit card processing gateway is that it presents a number of services to download music, music videos, movies, games Texans Texans Tyler Ervin Jersey , and much more. For example, you can find a service that, for a one-time fee, provides you with access to unlimited downloads. This circumvents the cumbersome pay-per-download fees of most sites.

When deciding which service to purchase, make sure that the service you choose has millions of files from which to choose, that it’s free of spyware and pop-ups, and that it offers free online help and 24-hour tech support.

Media Transfers

Typically Texans Texans Braxton Miller Jersey , when you sign up with a download service, you’ll also receive easy-to-install software and tutorials on how to transfer media from a DVD or a PC to an iPhone credit card processing. Look for software that supports multiple video formats, such as .avi, .mpg, .mov, .wmv, and .mp4. Similarly Texans Keke Coutee Jersey , the software should support a variety of types of images, such as .gif, .jpg, and .bmp.

The iPhone credit card processing was undoubtedly the best invention of 2007. Now that the iPhone credit card processing is available in 16GB and 32GB (as well as 8GB), it’s easy to download movies, music, and videos to your heart’s content. Finding the right iPhone credit card processing portal will enable you to load up your iPhone credit card processing and get out the door in no time at all.

James Barrinkeris a wireless credit card terminal expert and writes for online merchant services and Payment Processing web sites.

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