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 Tytuł: UNION KO ~ FARM SERVER ~ Great BETA Prizes!
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Hello Knight Online family!

UnionKO is moving one step forward with releasing a brand new server based on medium settings, with advanced features and custom ideology that will satisfy even the most hardest players! We've carefully considered rates and other aspect of the game. However, without BETA there is no server.

We are preparing a very exciting BETA with good activity and a lot of fun things to do as well as participate in the rewards that will be handed to the best players.

BETA LAUNCH : 18.06.2017

During the beta we are going to be searching the bugs and tweaking the server to reach the maximum performance within the community range.

The user that reports the most bugs and issues on the server, will be rewarded with Knight Cash.

TOP 1 Karus and TOP 1 Human
Prize : 2.000 KC + Gaming Set


TOP 2 Karus and TOP 2 Human
Prize : 1.500 KC + Gaming Headphones


TOP 3 Karus and TOP 3 Human
Prize : 1.000 KC + Gaming Mouse



The starting level is set at 60 with unlocked skills and free stats to fill up. The characters are geared with Full Plate set +7, Middle Class Weapons +8, +7 Accessories, 1500/300 Scrolls.
It requires leveling up to the cap level of '75', it gets harder after reaching the 70. Colony Zone is the best place to level up as it gives the most experience points. You can do exping in other zones as well such as [Lufferson/EMC/Eslant]. There are several quests that you can do for the experience points. [Monster killing, 7 Key]
Through the drop list you can obtain the information's regarding high class items, that are dropping by a lot of monsters at +5, you will be able to pick up several drops during the leveling.


1500 HP / 300 AC / Scroll of Attack / Swift scrolls can be bought for *free* at the Scroll NPC.
2000 HP / 350 AC scrolls can be obtained only from Scroll NPC at the price of 50.000.000 Coins.
Undying Scroll / 400 AC Scrolls can be obtained from Power UP Store and Event Coupons.
Duration Item will double the time of your support skills. It can be obtained from PUS or Event Coupons.
Mount Scroll will increase 20% of experience for 60 minutes. It can be obtained from PUS.
Prayer's Book [30] It is a book for battle priest which can be obtained from PUS.
Hera/Goku/Cougar/Mennishah scrolls can be obtained from PUS and will boost your NP Gain. Goku scrolls from Event Coupons.
Trina's piece will increase your upgrading rate. It can be obtained from PUS and PK Quests.
Gold Premium can be obtained from PUS. It gives 100% EXP Bonus, 5 NP Bonus, Less Exp lose at death. + Bonus items.
War Premium can be obtained from PUS, it gives 200% EXP Bonus, 7 NP Bonus, Less exp lost at death. + Bonus Items


Border Defence War - Gives Blue Chest, Event Coupon, Experience Points, NP Reward for the winners.
Juraid Mountain - The monsters drops different gems [Blue,black,silver..] The reward for winning is Silver Gem,Event Coupon,EXP,NP.
Last Man Standing - There are 2 Isiloons in the middle of MAP. The winners gets a good reward, as well as the people who stay alive from losing nation.
Death Match - Free for all event, NP Prizes.
Forgotten Temple - The reward for winning the FT is Chest,Gem,Fragment, EXP,NP + Coupon.
BI-Frost event. - Once it opens the nation must destroy the middle monument to enter. The monsters drops fragments, as well you can kill Ultima.
Lunar War - Classic Lunar War with invasion.
Boat War - The boat war with invasion
Doungeon Cave - Once the cave opens, you are going to enter the cave with a lot of Tarantulas which you can farm for chests,coins.
Castle Siege Warfare - Grand Prizes for the winners every Saturday.


Chaotic Generator - You can exchange all of your gems and fragments to obtain the unique items.
Knight Cash Vouchers - There are 1,5,10,20,100,300,700,1000,2000,3000,5000 Knight Cash Vouchers.
Miraselth - Blue Treasure and Green Treasure chests can be exchanged.
Diamonds as 2nd Slot Necklace, can be obtained from PUS or from Event Coupons.
Selfname Quest is located in Colony Zone, it is required to deliver 500 Bloods.
The event NPC allows you to join different events by clicking on the option.
Teleporter will teleport you to Isiloon / Felankor if you have Stone of Isiloon or Dragon Marble. [Party TP]
The reskill and restat is for free.
Chaos Stone respawns every 60 minutes in Colony Zone BOWL.
Colony Zone middle monument gives 15 NPS Bonus for the nation and Blue Chest for the killer.
Leveling Quests, you can do quests by killing monsters for the bonus EXP.
PK Quest, you can kill enemies for the reward, seperate from the PK Bloods obtained per kill.
Seven Key Quest, you must bring all of the 7 keys to the NPC for 50 mil exp. It is not as usual.
Rival System  to receive bonus for domination or revenge in CZ.
There are online rewards for staying online or in the BOWL.
Sheriff system, the people who is promoted to sheriff will be able to teleport people to jail.


Majority of the items are dropped at +5. It is not hard to obtain high class items [Shells,Raptors,Shards..] 
BI-Frost items are obtained via Fragment that are obtained in the zone.
Juraid Mountain items are obtained via Gems that are dropped in the zone.
Undefetable Weapons can only be obtained from bosses at a very low chance.
High dropping rate of Blessed Upgrade Scrolls.
Several farm spots that allows you to choose between preferred item drops. Every monster has a drop.
Eslant bosses spawns in custom spots in Colony Zone as well. [Troll = TK, CW = HQ, TITAN = TALOS...]
Colony Zone bosses can be only found in the BOWL.
The bosses have small drop rate, opposite to Isiloon/Felankor/Ultima that have High Drop rate.


Affordable prices and no overpowered items.
Gold Premium costs only 1.000 KC which is equal to 8.50$.
Undying Scroll, Duration Item, Scroll of Armor 400, Goku/Hera scrolls, Mount Scroll, STR 15 Scrolls. At very affordable price.
War Premium and Trina prices at higher value.
KC Vouchers / Premium Vouchers
Diamond Voucher price at higher value.


Upgrading to +5 is 100%.
[BUS] Upgrading from +5 to +6 is 85%
[BUS] Upgrading from +6 to +7 is 55%
[BUS] Upgrading from +7 to +8 is 15%
[BUS] Upgrading from +8 to +9 is 5%
Upgrading to +10 is not available.
[Trina] Upgrading to +6 is 100%
[Trina] Upgading to +7 is 75%
[Trina] Upgrading to +8 is 25%
[Trina] Upgrading to +9 is 10%
Upgrading acessories to +1 is 100%.


-- 2017-06-16 23:20:48 --


BETA LAUNCH : 18.06.2017

Download your client

Register your account

Join our team speak

Be part of wonderful community.

-- 2017-06-19 21:24:03 --


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