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Eliminate worthless nebs. Either randomly convert them into some other neb or at least make them no longer obtainable. This includes the Maplestory Mesos horizontal +stat nebs. Even without any equipment, a +4 stat neb can't compete with a 1 percent stat neb.. Buffing them instead is a choice but I recommend caution. They may change the balance of the game and I suggest making them untouched by other potentials.Consolidate the stats into one tier per rank. One A neb giving 3 percent dex and another giving 4 percent is really unfair. The chance of standing up a neb and fusing to your specific stat you desire is already low. This should also involve altering the %stat nebs down one rank so that D has 1% stat going up to A with 4 percent stat.

Eliminate the fusion ticket requirements and then substitute it with a maplestory mesos price. (Nexon should you would like to take the easy way out you could put fusion tickets in general shops) Fusing a neb with another that's 1 tier lower if ensure a neb of the higher rank. E.g. fusing a C using a B should guarantee a B.Remove that the nebulite diffuser. Putting a new nebulite onto a piece of gear that currently has you should just replace and destroy the installed neb.As for keeping the cash flowing, so I agree that the alien cubes should see a return and ought to work on equipment with fusing Nebulite as well as stand alone nebs. They might also introduce a cash shop nebulite box that gives B status nebs with a prospect of A, which combined with stage 5 would be very helpful to the market.

Adding scaling tiers of all neb boxes is an intriguing idea but I'm not sure I'm 100% on board. If the regular box drop rate is adequate then nebulite supply shouldn't be a problem. Something like this should be left for later until we could see what impact the other changes have had. How to work it to the crafting system is another topic that needs more discussion and ideas. I think there should be 3 tiers of crafted neb items. One necessitates degree 10 crafting, another organizers, as well as the previous meister.

These items would operate in basically the same manner as the alien cube would, except that they might just be utilized on unequiped nebs, and just on fitting or reduced rated nebs. Those positions being D, B and C respectively. These items could have a greater prospect of ranking up a neb than fusing but lower than using the submerged cube. They might also be have to reward a arbitrary neb of the respective rank. These neb items could be crafted from, I don't have any thought, nor what they would be called. Nebulite System is really important in the game, which will influence our sport experience deeply, and the only thing we could do for your nebs system is waitting, you now, Nexon is the boss, they call every shot this game.

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Utwórz nowy wątek Odpowiedz w wątku  [ Posty: 1 ] 

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