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 Tytuł: New Server - ForgottenKO - Myko Style - Light Farm |13/4W
PostNapisane: 2013-04-11 00:01:27 

Dołączył(a): 2013-03-12 16:33:42
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Hello,i'm here to present a new launch of forgottenko.In the previous launch we had nice community and population,but our issues related to lag/ipblock/dc made the players quit and not being satisfied. In the time we managed to fix that issue, due to nice donation support,we managed to do everything and made further investment into server growing. So the server is going to wipe and will officialy launch at:

Server launch officialy 13/4/2014 at 18:00 PM GMT +1

Forum link http://forum.forgottenko.net/
Panel forgottenko.net

Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ForgottenKo

What can you expect in ForgottenKO Server?

To reach maximum level 72 you have to kill a worm for each level.
Farming shells + high class items in eslant or colony zone.
Light farming and friendly anvil rates.
BDW & Juraid with a posted launch time. ( Different rewards and drops,getting nps aswell)
There is totally no lag or any other issue that may hurt the smooth gameplay
Our Power UP Store offers just the basic items,that doesnt effect the gameplay so much.
Farm spots in colony zone ( greeds,envy and other bifrost monsters that are going to be usefull)
World wide community from different nationallity,as our advertisment is mass and big.
Instant support from staff on forum.forgottenko.net or via ventrilo instant voice reply

Drops and Anvil Rates

The drops in Moradon

Snatcher - HP/AC/AP Scrolls
Worms - Silver bar and speed potion
Cannibal Bandicoot - Brain of the centaur

2. The drops in Eslant

Evil Wizard/Booros/Trolls/Harpys/Chipotera - High class items.
Duke/Bach/Bishop additional bosses in colony zone.
Every boss drop is same as old myko with a 5-10% boost.

3. The drops in Colony Zone

Apostle Of Flames/Borros/Trolls/Harpys/Barlogs - High class items.
Greenie - Trina (Low respawn time)
Greed/Envy/Sloth/Lust/Glutton/Ego - Bifrost & FT weapons (HB,Sherion,CHD,Avedon,Murky,Hanguk...)
Blood Dons - Defence items
Every boss drop is same as old myko with 5-10% boost

4. Other drops

Isiloon - Rings +1,Earrings+1,Iron Necklace,Chitin Shield
Attila - WP,PP,EP+1

Anvil & Upgrade rates

Upgrading from +1 to +5 is 100%

Upgrading from +5 to +6 is 70%

Upgrading from +6 to +7 is 25%
Upgrading from +7 to +8 is 10%
Upgrading from +8 to +9 is 3%

Upgrading with trina gives you 10% more chance to suceed

Upgrading/Compoding acceserios is currently unavailable.

The server gives you a big adventure,gameplay and lack of bordeness,the farm spots in colony zone are usable and it will be crowded,the fight for the bowl bosses was already tought and it will bring alot of pk. As its light farm server there are always chances for those who join late to catch up with the rest of the players.


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 Tytuł: Re: New Server - ForgottenKO - Myko Style - Light Farm |13/4
PostNapisane: 2014-02-27 04:43:05 

Dołączył(a): 2014-02-15 13:48:46
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Will they launch the new products from Designer iPad Mini Retina Cases team.

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