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 Tytuł: wood floor how choose and buy?
PostNapisane: 2018-04-19 05:59:47 

Dołączył(a): 2018-02-26 08:09:52
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should say wood floor, the person of understanding is true still many. But want respecting how does ability choose and buy arrive high grade wood floor, believe to know to want how to be chosen without a few people.The daily attention job of wood floor also is very important. If want to produce the effect of wood floor adequately, want must very good control the knowledge of these two respects.

How the wood floor with high grade choose and buy

1.See product surface

See the colour and lustre of the floor above all, the product surface color with good quality agrees basically, pure and fresh and have energy, it is instinctive quality or carbonization color no matter, its surface layer has many and close fiber distributings, grain clarity.

2.See lacquer face

Take the floor the place with enough light to observe carefully, look have bleb and hemp place, have orange skin appearance, lacquer scale is sheer. Next, on lacquer face with fingernail equalize delimits, look to whether leave very deep nick. Lacquer has the face of wood floor to besmear boils and drench Tu Zhi is divided, normally the circumstance falls,drench besmear face lacquer rolls face lacquer quality to be close friends than besmear, drench Tu Yin uses Qi Liang is big and full meeting to make wood floor more beautiful more wear-resisting.

3.See immanent quality

wood floor and wooden floor are different, it by many wood piece agglutination squelchs and become, the quality of glue, those who use gum how many and agglutinate temperature, pressure and approach the time that agree, influential to agglutinate quality.The floor with agglutination good quality, level off is not had aperture,flawless, otherwise, can cause floor intensity to reduce not only, and the osmosis with water can easy to do portion takes a floor in, cause a floor to be out of shape, even degum. Examine the method of agglutination intensity is very simple: In cutting a small floor to put water, immerse or evaporate is boiled, its are out of shape and open glue degree and need time quite.
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 Tytuł: Re: wood floor how choose and buy?
PostNapisane: 2022-12-01 16:48:03 

Dołączył(a): 2018-04-14 12:10:45
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Nic z tych wpisów nie rozumiem... :(

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