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 Tytuł: Tank
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Więc tak w tej nowej profesji "tank" jak kolwiek tam nazwali.Są skille Attack,devil i defence.I teraz moje pytanie jest następujące w jakie skille ładować.

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 Tytuł: Re: Tank
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Sory że po angielsku ale nie chce mi się tego tłumaczyć
poczytasz to się dowiesz o co chodzi

Looking at this new class and I have come up with some builds I think would be useful. The thing with this class is that you can do so many builds because it is so unique. There is still a few things that need to be tested, but this guide is almost complete.

Skill and Descriptions

Devil Transformation skills

Devil transformation Absorbs close to as much damage as the total amount of HP you have when you transform into devil.
For example, if you have 7k HP when you turn into devil, your devil will be removed after you absorb around 7k damage. If you get undy buff and transform into devil to which you have about 11k HP, you will absorb around 11k damage before you lose your devil.

Your devil 70 gives you very good healing while in devil mode.With lvl 70 devil you will heal 3x in devil mode, including HP pots!!

This means:

200 Heal = 600 hp
480 Heal = 1440 hp
1280 Heal = 3840 hp
480 Party Heal = 1440 Party Heal
1280 Party Heal = 3840 Party Heal
128 hp/sec 1920 restore for 30 seconds = 384 hp/sec 6,144 hp for 30 sec. You receive 16 of these heals in 30 sec :o

If you have 10 into Devil you get 100% increasement on these heals(x2), and 45 gives 2.5x, and of course lvl 70 devil gives 3x as stated above in the calculations.

Note: A bug I found already with lvl 45 Devil skill is that the PUS mana pots somehow count as a HP pot in this skill. It gives you CRAZY mana for 1 pot. Please keep this between us for now since it is a bug, and others will not know about it.

Drakey skills

Drakey skills do the 20-30% more damage while in Devil mode. When it states "priest" it means "devil", and they are all DOT skills.

Curse of big unit Drakey lvl 75 Dvil skill

This is like above, but is a AOE skill. Cooldown is not bad. If you go this far into Devil, yoou middas well have 80 into Devil, and use together. Use this one 1st so it hits harder while transformed.

Demolition of Devil

When using this skill you lose your Devil transformation. It has a 10 MIN COOLDOWN. It is only good when you know you can transform again right after you use it, or you know you have taken enough damage that you will lose your transformation shortly anyways. This skill does 3x the heal/damage then on the discription therefore, it heals the party for 7500 in 15 seconds, and damages the enemys around(distance unknown atm) for 15 seconds. I need more testing on this skill to see how multiple Devils in a party work with this. For example, if 2 or more people use this skill will the damages/heals stack togther?
Due to the lenght of the cooldown, I wonder if it would be a good idea to use this class/skill with a full party during for example boat war, where there is 100 humans on the keeper, rush down and all use this skill on them, to kill them all. Then we town, and relog reducing the time on this skill so 0 to 5 mins, depending if devil transformation fails 1st time use.

Master Skills

Awakening lvl 2 master

Increases you stamina to 120 from 100

Berserk lvl 8 master skill

Basically you will have a 50% AP boost for 20 seconds but your def goes to ridiculously low levels. At 666 def when I use this skill I have 7 defence. Its 1/100 def reduction, and while malice ur defence is in the negatives. Unsure how - def hows or if its a visual bug. Use wisely, for example only against mage parties or chasing down last target.
Note: You CAN NOT use lvl 80 attack (100% def increasement), with berserker (+50% AP and 1/100 ac) while either one is in use.

Thunderstorm lvl 10 master skill

Does nothing...bugged

Axid Break lvl 15 master skill

Does nothing...bugged

Divide Armor 20 Master skill

Best skill by far. For 5 seconds you slow a target by 50% and reduce his defence by 50%. This defence decreasment works on their base defence. For example if they have 800 base AC they will lose 400 ac even if they have 1150 AC on buff. Will stack with torment/malice!
USE WITH RUSH!! = party rape!

Attack skills

All you attacks have a cooldown except smite. To be effective in damages , you will need to use 2-3 skills for attacking. This is a major set back on this class. All the stronger skills with a cooldown use stamina, so you will have to balance between weaker skills that dont use stamina when your stamina is low (after using skills that require stamina), with ones that use stamina when full. I have for example 3 skill pages. One is for no stamia attack skills, if i have very low stamina or if i want it to build up so I can use certain skills like rush/20 master. And I have another skill bar that uses enough stamina that I can just attack for longer periods of time. My 3rd skill bar uses full on attacks that drain my stamina...I find it less useful, and more useful to use skills that allow me to stun/slow an enemy so the party can Help with the kill. After all those skills effect the partys overall damages, and not just my damages, which is MUCH more useful.


Rushes on an Enemy 15-5 meters in distance. Once you reach them they recieve a 2 second stun which is 100% rate. Stun only works if you have 45 into Devil skill (Strenght-passive skill). Rush will not work if you are greater then 15 m or less than 5 m.

Pull 70 attack skill aka blizcrank

I dont know what to say about this skill other then it fails...it fails a lot for me. pulls someone in from 10 m distnace. I would only use this skill if you dont have rush ready, because rush is 100% success rate, and this is clearly not. Great skill if I can figure how to make it work at a higher rate.

Crouch 80 attack skill

Duration: 10 seconds

This is strickly a defence skill. It is great if you are a target, but it reduces your AP to 30% of your base AP. It was suppose to give 30% less AP, but actually give you around 30% of your total AP.
THIS IS AWFUL for any class....this is it lvl 80 attack skill????

Example: I have 2768 base AP and when I use lvl 80 attack skill I have 975 AP.
This skill gives you 100% more defence. This defence is calculated by base defence, which is good. For example, I have 840 ac base. When I use this skill I have 1680 ac, increasing my ac by 840. The reason I say this is good, is because when I am tormented I have 588 ac, and I can use this skill and it still gives me a 840 ac boost, instead of 588 ac boost, which is how much my ac is at the time, giving me 1428 defence. Great skill if it wasn't for the 30% base attack power when using it.


Support/Attack build at lvl 83

63 Attack
70 Devil
5 Def
5 master

This will give you some good attacks still with hammer ledge 250% attack /w 150 and no fail, which you can combo with lvl 60 skill 250% damage.

You will have rush skill as well to rush and stun attack skill.

Full attacker

75 attack
20 master
40 def
10 devil

63 attack
55 def
20 master
15 devil

You don't have 75 attack

80 attack
45 devil
20 master

This is amazing build. I think most will use this build. You get great attack damage, with the benefits of 45 devil skill( mana PUS pots do MUCH more mana @ 2.5x = 4800 mana!!, 1/2 mana usage, good heals with HP pots @2.5x doing so much more as well, and 1/3 less damage). 20 Master is crazy good, and you have the option of using berserker skills against mages. In VS i think you cant lose.

Full support Mode

All of these have decent because decent on a support is OP :D

80 Devil
55 def
6 attack (for rush as an escape...will not stun)
5 master

70 Devil still has GG heals!
55 def
20 master for GG slow/defence skill

I think this above might be best. Depends on the testing of skills.

75 Devil
60 def
6 attack
5 master


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 Tytuł: Re: Tank
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Fajnie się składa, że podrzucacie tutaj na forum takie wskazówki.

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